Benjamin Esham

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Westworld is O(n²), in the sense that after you watch each episode you think, “Hmm. I need to rewatch the entire series now”


Solar panels

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Walk up in the club, like Aiya Eärendil Elenion Ancalima!

The iPhone has a good gyroscope, right? I wonder if it would be possible to bake the phone’s forward/backward tilt (pitch) into each photo and—for those of us who are obsessive about getting everything level and plumb—computationally correct for it later.

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Secret-ish garden

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“Unicode is so complex it cannot be trusted in the same process as the app (or SpringBoard).” — ctxppc

That sounds extreme, but Apple’s current code—or its current QA strategy—is not working well. See examples one, two, three, four, and now five of text-parsing or rendering bugs that bring down iOS (or at least the Messages app).

Pretty Presidio

Behind bars

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Whenever someone tells me that a tool “supports vi key bindings” I think of my 480-line vimrc and just nod politely.

The Golden Gate Bridge from Alcatraz last night

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A #latergram all the way from March 2016: First Federal Plaza in Rochester, New York.

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TINY BRAIN: two spaces after a period

NORMAL BRAIN: one space after a period

GALACTIC BRAIN: let LaTeX handle it for you

If you don’t wear red on May Day you’ll be bitten by the snake from the Gadsden Flag.

i propose,until may 25th, we hold what i call the Banquet of Privacy Policy’s. we go all out until then & tell as many customers as we can that we value their privacy. The Banquet of Privacy Policy’s

The scene in Battlestar Galactica where they’re drunkenly listing all the pilots who had died, but with search engines.

The bad news is that my new microblogging system has had so many kinks to work out that I’ve had to post way more than I would have otherwise. The good news is that my drafts folder is pretty much empty now.

I enjoy writing Haskell, but I think it’s telling that when I write an application in it I put more of the logic into Postgres functions or shell scripts than I would otherwise. Path of least resistance, I guess.


One of the few things the Haskell compiler won’t protect you from is thinking that return will cause execution to leave the current function. Whoops. (Although, how difficult would it be to emit a warning for this?)

Poe’s straw man fallacy: Pick any opinion or belief, no matter how outlandish, and you can find (or manufacture) evidence on the internet that someone has that belief—or at least that they seem to.

Irony is the soda of discourse: cheap, widely available, and immediately appealing, but ultimately unfulfilling.

The guideline I keep in mind when I’m working on my blog: you can change anything later, except the URLs. Get those right the first time.

TIRED: storing text as a linked list of characters

WIRED: converting between lazy and strict Text instances all over the place


“Your domain model is not your object model. Your domain model is not your abstract data type model. Your object model is not your abstract data type model.”

love too wait seventeen seconds at some completely random time because macOS suddenly decided that it needs to spin up my external hard drive and then wait synchronously for it

How did we get here? 😒

Lay’s™ gagh chips: only a coward would eat just one!