With each new release of iOS it becomes a little more ridiculous that you can’t set separate weekday and weekend schedules for Do Not Disturb. Do Not Disturb prevents your device from lighting up or making noise when you get a notification, and since its introduction in 2012 it has let you specify times of day when the feature should turn itself on and off. This fall there are a lot of DND improvements coming—“do not disturb until the end of this event,” “do not disturb until I leave this location”—but this most obvious feature is still not there. Lots of people go to bed and wake up at different times on different days of the week (with the Monday-to-Friday workweek being just the most obvious example) and want their notifications silenced automatically while they sleep.

In 2013, a bug in Do Not Disturb kept it from shutting itself off automatically for the first seven days of the year. The bug seemed to be caused by Apple’s developers using the ISO week year when they wanted the Gregorian year, which gave me hope that more sophisticated scheduling was going to become possible. After all, it’s not clear why a simple “on at this time, off at this time” schedule would need to consider year numbers in the first place. Long after that bug surfaced, though, Apple still seems to have no plan to let people set different schedules on different days of the week. My dog may not understand that I want to sleep in on weekends, but my iPhone should be able to.