Benjamin Esham


This website is built by the Jekyll static site generator and hosted on an Ubuntu VPS at DigitalOcean (that’s a referral link). The slick pop-up footnotes are powered by Littlefoot. Some other tools integral to my site workflow are Vim, SASS, Git, and Rake. Headings are set in the Amaranth typeface.

I try to use Merlin Mann’s essay “Better” as a guideline (or maybe an excuse) for how to post here: quality is better than quantity. I don’t post much but I hope that what I do post is thought-provoking, or at least useful.

I don’t have comments here—my readership is small enough that it wouldn’t be worth the hassle to keep out spam. If you have a response to something I’ve written, please send your comment (or a link to your own blog post) via email or Twitter.

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